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I just had this crazy idea... Jo being a know-it-all this episode reminded me a lot of Cristina. 10x22 is the episode when Burke is back. Remember season 3 when he couldn't do his surgeries and she "helped" him? Maybe Alex will try to prove to Arizona that he can work at the practice and still be a surgeon at the hospital, and Jo helps him, and this is why the fact that she has too many cases is important enought to be in the release.

The Burke/Cristina storyline from season 3 popped into my mind too! Maybe it’s not such a crazy idea after all.

Her know-it-all-ness might make her believe she can handle the cases, too.

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I couldn't understand what exactly Jo said to Alex on the beginning of the episode and what he replied. Is he working on the night shift for four weeks, is it and working at the practice during the day? This is crazy :S

Two weeks on night shift, I believe. He needs to go one way or another and quick. Otherwise Jo taking on too many cases in 10x22 could be her picking up the slack at GSM. (which would cause conflict but uuhhnnuughh)

Disclaimer: Never take my speculation seriously! 

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I can't get over the look Jo gives Alex before waking him with the kiss. So full of love. Like she can't believe he is hers.

I think I’m in love obsessed with the last sentence of this ask.

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can you make a gif of Jo nuzzling Alex's neck from 10x20?

Already done.

Anonymous asked:

gif of Alex kissing Jo's cheek in 10x13 and gif of Jo kissing Alex's cheek in 10x20, please?

Sure thing. :) Should be up within the hour!